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SUPERHOT prototype SUPERHOT prototype

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's a great title. I first found this after watching the let's play from Markiplier. It was pretty awesome and I have to say I was interested. I find the game posted here and well? I've gotta try it. Sure enough I wasn't disappointed. I love the subtle advancing of time when looking around, which in many cases forces you to even look around tactically. I do have some small questions and some suggestions for the game.

For one, the incredibly slow passage of time while standing still - intentional or a bug? I'm on the fence with it. If it's not intended, I find it a pressing bug that needs to be fixed as it breaks the idea that 'time ONLY moves when you move'. On the flip side, some tweaking could let it be an awesome part of the game (especially if it's intended). It forces you to keep moving (though a pause menu would be nice, here).

Animation could use a little bit of work but otherwise it's good. Shading could get some work done to allow definition on such limited color palettes, though I have to say if you incorporate puzzles into the game, you could benefit from using some more colors, if only for key components - sorta like say, Mirror's Edge (maybe a few less colors but... you get the idea, I hope?) or something.

Overall? Amazing game. I love it and if anything else, it's an interesting touch to such a simple game. It makes it something I'd love to come back to, if it had more content. I hope this gets continued and expanded on. It deserves plenty of love and attention to it to make it something even worthy of Steam! (Perhaps you should look into getting it greenlit for early orders to fund development!)

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A Second Chance A Second Chance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty awesome! Short, but fun game. Some more work on it would be awesome, perhaps a time limit among other things, but I really like the concept!